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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a basic concepts that you need to know before to invest in a property.

Lock Off

Properties with more than one independent access. It allows to rent them at different clients at the same time so having double or triple income

Condo Hotel

Properties in which a Hotel brand is running them as an hospitality bussiness. They are hustle free hand off properties, your only job is receiving the monthly income.


Bank trust. It allows foreigners to buy properties within 50Km to the coast or 100km from the borders of Mexico. With the "fideicomiso" the deed of the property will be under the buyer's name.

Refundable Reservation

5.000 USD is the amount for blocking a property under your name, this is 100% refundable during 20 working days.


100% of our clients are satisfied with their purchase

CANCUN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT has increased 82.1% number of passengers comparing with 2020.

MAYAN TRAIN will be a turning point in the history of Mexico and Riviera Maya

TULUM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT will increase the price of the land in less than 2 years

Average ROI in the area is between 9% and 15%

THE GREEN SCHOOL which is considered one of the Top Schools in the World is arriving to Tulum in 2024 (


The increase in Real Estate Riviera Maya searched (2020 vs 2021)


Residential growth in Riviera Maya


The increase in searches y foreigners who want to invest in Mexico


The increase in demand for rental housing


"Great men have almost always shown themselves as ready to obey as they afterwards proved able to command"

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